Loma Vista - School Profile
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Picture of Principal Aaron Sauberan and Assistant Principal Jeana Peyton

Loma Vista is Chico Unified’s special services school. Principal Aaron Sauberan and Assistant Principal Jeana Peyton, along with a large and dedicated team, support students with special needs in a wide range of programs throughout the district.

At Loma Vista School we currently have eight preschool special day classrooms, and one blended transitional kindergarten. Loma Vista collaborates with Innovative Preschool, a private non-profit preschool. Our unique collaboration results in an inclusive community where all preschool children have opportunities to take part. Loma Vista also provides therapy and office space for Butte County Office of Education and California Children’s Services and works closely with Head Start and community preschools to provide early childhood special education services.

The administration team at Loma Vista provides supervision and support for a wide range of programs throughout the district serving students, ages 3-22, with moderate-severe special needs. At last count our district team supporting this population consists of 40+ special education teachers, 20+ speech and language therapists, 15 school psychologists, nurses, many classroom paraprofessionals, office staff, custodians, and other agency collaborators all working together to bring high quality learning environments to Chico students and their families.

For more information, please visit the CUSD’s special education page.